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Corporate Values and Identity- Who are you?

Clearly defining who you are as a company is a galvanizing process and a critical step in your success. As a leader, are you clear on your purpose as a company? Have you identified the values that are sacred to your organization, and central to who you are as a company? Does your executive team know and share this understanding? Throughout the various levels of the organization do you see evidence that your people embody your purpose and values?

Mara Consulting’s management consulting services brings sophisticated processes and experiential approaches to assist leaders in working with their executive teams and organizations to define corporate identity including core values, mission statement, and vision. Often this work is conducted during a facilitated retreat or off-site meeting.

Corporate Strategy- Where are you going?

Does  your organization have a one, three and five year strategic plan? Mara Consulting provides facilitation services to help leadership teams develop a strategic plan to define the concrete steps and accountability required to make your vision reality.  Mara Consulting will assist you to define measurable goals, to track accountability for these goals and to celebrate and build on their achievement.

Change Management- Implementing New Initiatives

When it comes to change or implementing new initiatives, is your organization a ‘Wylie Coyote’ company or a ‘Road Runner’ company?

A ‘Wylie Coyote’ company works very hard, uses lots of resources, depends on the heroic efforts of a few and at the end of the day, the target remains elusive and ‘Wylie Coyote’ goes home exhausted. Is your organizational progress based on heroic efforts because of a lack of clarity, alignment and accountability?

The ‘Road Runner’ company is efficient, able to move and shift quickly and successfully stays ahead of the competition. This approach to organizational functioning is sustainable. It does not depend on heroics, but on shared clarity, agreement on and alignment on strategic objectives.

Mara Consulting management services works with leadership teams and entire organizations bringing the tools to create organizational alignment and the ability to effectively and efficiently manage change. Using specific processes your organization will systematically become a Road Runner company, effective, efficient, sustainable and successful.

Facilitated Retreat

Mara Consulting provides leadership groups with facilitation services for corporate retreats. Joan Mara will work with you to define the objectives of the retreat, whether it be to develop corporate identity and a strategic plan, to bring the leadership team to a higher level of team functioning, or to roll out a new initiative critical to the success of the organization. Bringing meticulous pre-planning, highly skilled facilitation, and follow-up coaching to ensure the gains made at the retreat translate back to the day to day Mara Consulting will insure an exceptional retreat experience.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching involves working in a one-on-one relationship with key leaders within your organization to further develop both the hard and soft skills of leadership. Within this relationship specific objectives are identified and become the focus for a defined set of sessions.

The trust established between coach and client creates a safe environment to challenge the leader helping them expand their self awareness and move past the obstacles that are impeding their performance and development.

Joan Mara is an astute observer of human behavior, and a highly intuitive executive coach, both empathic and willing to provide direct challenging feedback that will uncover blind spots, expand self awareness and increase accountability all leading to higher performance.

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