Management Consulting

With an advanced degree in Organizational Behavior Joan Mara provides a range of management consulting services to individual companies, executive teams, leaders and Boards helping them define their core values, mission, vision, objectives, challenges and identify the strategies that will propel them to success.  Joan utilizes a qualitative data gathering approach to understand the dynamics of the environment. This process allows Joan to see beyond the ‘presenting problem’ and to identify the systemic patterns often operating below the awareness level of the leader and organization, often sabotaging their best efforts. These become the leverage points for change and high performance.

Mara Consulting’s Management Consulting Services include:

Corporate Values and Identity

Corporate Strategy

Change Management

Facilitated Retreat

Executive Coaching

It was like a divine blessing to know that I can pop over here any moment. Amazing service and quality content. I’m so happy I’m no longer burdened with this academic stuff…


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