Forum Training

This one day session is an essential ingredient for anyone choosing to participate in a forum  and when a new forum is being launched and is the best investment the group will ever make. During this carefully designed, dynamic experiential day, the new forum member or group:

  • Gets a great jump start on building their relationships with each other;
  • Come to deeply understand the power of the essential elements of forum:
    • Confidentiality, Gestalt /Forum Protocol, and Commitment
  • Is oriented to the specific and sophisticated Forum meeting process and tools used to support it.

Moderator Development

Also a one day session, moderator development is a fantastic day for experienced forum members to come together and build on their basic understanding of forum in preparation for taking on the leadership role as Moderator.

In this session we merge theory with the real time experience participants bring. This is a wonderful day of lively discussion, ‘ah-ha’ moments and gaining a deeper grasp of the sophisticated forum process. You will increase your understanding of what it takes to create high performance and how a strong Moderator helps the group get there.

Moderator Development is a very powerful experience for a forum to participate in together. When each member of a forum holds this level of understand of forum, High Performance really takes hold, and the Moderator’s job becomes easy.

Forum Retreat Facilitation

The highlight of the year for all forums is the annual retreat. Your retreat is a critical time to achieve breakthroughs and to insure that your forum is everything it can be. Every High Performance Forum retreat is customized to fit the forum, the facilitated portion of the retreat can range from 1-2 days. Retreat services include:

  • Forum Health Diagnostic Survey
  • Pre-retreat consultation with the Moderator and Retreat Planner
  • Customized Retreat Agenda
  • Facilitation of Retreat Activities
  • Post-retreat follow up to insure transfer of new skills, tools, and expectations to forum meetings

Build a Better Forum© Session

Turn your monthly forum meeting into an opportunity to gain or regain high performance by doing a Build a Better Forum© session. A facilitator joins the meeting, introduces advanced processes and provides real time coaching as the group moves through their meeting agenda.

Session may include:

  • Feedback on group dynamics that might be slowing you down;
  • The introduction of the most advanced tools used to support the meeting process
  • Specific instruction and then practice in how to use those tools effectively
  • A refresher on how to use Gestalt/Forum Protocol to greatest advantage
  • The opportunity to have a facilitated discussion about issues the group is facing.

Years of experience has shown that Forums benefit tremendously from working with a professional facilitator at least every two years….make sure that you are giving yourselves this level of support in your forum. Invest in creating a High Performance experience.

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