A forum is a small peer group that meets every month. Forum creates a secure, trusting environment where members can candidly discuss the challenges and opportunities they face in their businesses and personal lives and seek non-judgmental input from the group to help get clearer about the next steps they’ll take to move forward….

High Performance Forum

A High Performance Forum holds a shared vision for creating excellence as a dynamic evolving group.   Forum becomes a powerful place where the high level of trust allows for egos to be set aside. When this happens compelling conversations about life’s most important issues occur on a monthly basis… These issues are skillfully explored by the group using a number of techniques, in a way that leads to direct assistance for the presenter and rich personal growth and professional learning for the whole group.


Is Your Forum Achieving High Performance?

High Performance Forums don’t happen without effort and knowledge of best practices. To maximize your Forum’s performance you will need: alignment to a shared vision, commitment on multiple levels, and a strong meeting process.

Does your forum show any of these signs of sub-optimum performance?

• You find yourself getting bored during the Updates….tuning them out.

• The Moderator struggles to find presenters.

• The vast majority of the presentations are technical, tactical business issues, the group attacks these with a problem solving skill set.

• There is an extended Q&A following the presentation.

• It’s been a long time since… “you could hear a pin drop” during a presentation it was so powerful.

• The joking is fairly constant throughout the meeting….tears, on the other hand, are rarely seen.

If any of these indicators describes your group, your forum experience is being eroded by your current practices. The good news is you can increase the performance of your forum quite easily by clarifying and committing to what you really want your forum to be, and then applying the meeting practices that will get you there.

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